Volkswagen will continue its SUV Tiguan model in Canada, which is built in Mexico with its unique features and style. The new model launch press conference has been held in Wolfsburg, Germany.

External Influences 

a) Economic Trends 

    • The economic growth in Canada was 3.1 in 2017, augmented by the increase in oil prices. Canada expects to have a 2.2% growth in 2018. 
    • Bank of Canada expects to increase its interest rate twice. It might reach 1.5%, the US interest rate is 2.25%, and this interest rate differential will lead to depreciation of the Canadian dollar relative to the US dollar. But it will result in increased exports to the US and more tourism in Canada. 
    • GDP per capita grew by 0.3% in Q1, 2018, and this growth is attributed to the increased governmental outlays. 
  • Imports increased in 2017, and this increase is led by cars importing, which increased by 5.9%. 

b) Social and Demographic Trends 

Ø The estimated population in Canada for 2018 is 39.95 million puts Canada the 38th ranking globally. The female median age is 43.3 years, and for males is 40.8 years. 

Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba have the fastest growth rate in the population in Canada. 

Conversely, population growth in the Atlantic provinces has still the lowest in recent years. For the first time, three out of four of these Atlantic provinces recorded death rates higher than the birth rate. (Laurent Martel, 2017)

c) Technology Trends 

  • Recently, Canada became a global hub for researches in artificial intelligence and had a remarkable interest grow among academic institutions, private companies, and governments.
  • Laser-based Lidar systems continue to grow; this system is designating for mapping development. Meanwhile, this technology is relatively expensive and pertinent to luxury cars. This cost is starting to get down by the advent of the microelectromechanical system technology.
  • Also, the development of Lane departure technology warning system that keeps the car in the designated lane and warn the driver if any deviations occur by using a specialized camera. 
  • The use of smartphones in connecting with cars, like streaming entertainments and vehicle management by recording driving metrics.
  • Market Analysis Market Size and Growth  
  • Canadian vehicle sales hit the two million cars for the first time in 2017. 
  • Sales for all of 2016 amounted to a record of 1.95 million.
  • Sales in 2017 increased significantly and reached 4.6% vs. 2016, and this growth is consistent for the eight years. 
  • Market Segments (Product Classifications) 
    • The light-truck segment—which encompasses SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans — has a 68.6% market share of cars in Canada increased by 8.7% in 2017. 
    • But, Passenger car sales fell by 3.4% and reached to the lowest level since 1964 with 639,823 units sold, light trucks sales amounted to 1.39 cars in 2017. 
  • Seasonal Analysis
  • From the chart above, it is clear that sales increases in the spring season, followed by summer and decreased in the winter season.
  • Car sales slow as temperature drops meaning significant seasonal discounts
  • The highest season ever for car sales is usually in May amounted to 220,436, which is 11% from the whole year.
  1. Competitor Analysis 
  • Share Trends 
    • The light-truck segment—which encompasses SUVs, pickup trucks, and vans — has a 68.6% market share of cars in Canada increased by 8.7% in 2017.
    • ‎b) 
  • Toyota RAV4 is the market leader in the SUV market by 50,894 cars sold in 2017 accounts for 4% from the light truck market (light truck sales were 1,39 million cars).
  • Followed by Honda CR-VFord Escape then by Nissan Rogue by recording 50,443, 47,880, and 43,418 consecutively.
  • Surprisingly, Jeep Cherokee ranked no eight in the light truck market in Canada by selling 24,446 in 2017. (Statistica, 2018)
  • Tiguan sales were 15,028 cars in 2017 accounts for 34% growth vs. 2016. 
  • Globally Toyota is the market leader in the light truck market by 1,944,413 cars in 2017 accounts for 30% growth vs. the previous year. Followed by Nissan, Honda, and Ford by sales of 1,850,045, 1,825,032, and 1,570,217 SUV cars successively. 
  • Volkswagen sold globally, sold 868,862 SUV cars in 2017, and ranked number eight. 
  1. Marketing Communications Strategy Assessment
    • Toyota uses both product differentiation positioning and low cost as generic strategies to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors in the automotive industry. The market scope is a broad market that encompasses nearly every type of customer. (Mohamed Islam, 2015)
      • Advertising: Toyota advertises RAV4 in social media like its Facebook page, YouTube channel, TV, newspapers, and outdoors. They are successful in their advertising strategy as their objective is to increase awareness of RAV4 features and increase their sales, making a remarkable growth.
      •  Sales promotion: Toyota believes in sales promotion to attract new customers to their models. RAV4 has two models promoted on their official website; the first one is the LE model, which is the basic version. It is promoted by lease or finance from 0.49%, and they offer cash incentives up to $1500. The second model, AWD, is also promoted by lease or finance from 0.49%.
      • Personal selling: Toyota uses personal selling through dealerships’ sales personnel, who personally promote products to potential buyers.
      • Public relation: Toyota RAV4 is in the focus of many news websites designated for the automotive industry in Canada, which indicated their success in that matter.
    • Honda CRV uses product differentiation strategy as it is clear from focusing on their competitive advantages on their ads like safety and technology of blind spot information system and multi-angle review camera. Also, they have four versions with optional features to increase their market penetrations to different segments, but generally speaking, they don’t promote CRV as an economical car.
      • Advertising:  Honda focuses their promotion of CRV on YouTube and their Facebook sponsored page. No outdoor billboard ads notified.
      • Public Relations: Honda CRV had many press conferences globally and in Canada. They also had a charitable contribution Habitat Huronia which is a local volunteer organization supporting families seeking affordable homes. 
    • Ford Escape has four models with optional features prices and penetrating lower class income. They adopt the product differentiation strategy as well as cost leadership. They promote themselves as cost-efficient cars in terms of affordable prices, low-cost maintenance, and low gasoline consumption. 
      • Sales promotion: there is always sales promotion in the ford and Escape model as well. One of those successful sales promotions is 0% finance interest and $1000 leadership bonus for the 2018 model.
      • Advertising: they promote the Escape model in social media like YouTube and Facebook and have ads outdoors as well. The company’s television advertisements and online advertisements are especially prominent.
      • Personal selling: agents/sales personnel use personal selling to persuade buyers at Ford dealerships and other venues. In some cases, the company applies direct selling, usually to corporate clients who lease vehicles from the firm. (Edward Ferguson, 2017)

V.        Target Market Analysis 

a) Consumer Data

  • The dependence on using cars for adults aged 18 years and more, either a driver or passenger increased significantly from 68% in 1992 to 74% in 2005. 
  • The percentage of adult Canadians who made at least one trip using a mean like walking or using a bicycle other than a car has declined by 19% between 1998 and 2005. In 2005, only 19% of people 18 and over walked or used a bicycle on their trips; this proportion was 25% in 1998. 

b) Consumer Behavior

  •  The car-purchase process takes, on average, 2.7 months. 
  •  Average time to make a car purchase within 18% of Canadians take between two weeks and a month. 
  • Only 16% of buyers complete their investment in less than two weeks. 
  • 47% of potential buyers buy used vehicles, and conversely, 53% are planning to buy a new one. But, 44% of them end up buying a pre-owned car, and 56% purchase in a new vehicle. 
  • Consumers find that crossovers resemble traditional SUVs in terms of style and ride height. 
  1. Product (Brand) Analysis 

a) Sales Volume Trends 

§ Volkswagen Tiguan sales increased consistently from 1,412 cars sold in 2008 to 15,028 in 2017.

  • Compounded annual growth rate (CAGR = (EV / BV)1 / n – 1) for the previous 10 years-from 2008 to 2017- is 27%.
  • Tiguan sales in 2016 were 11,229 cars
  • Volkswagen Tiguan recorded a remarkable growth in 2017 vs. 2017 by 34%.

b) Market Share Trends 

  • Volkswagen Touareg sales were 15,028 cars in 2017. (Timothy Cain, 2018)
  • As mentioned earlier, SUV sales in Canada are 1.37 cars in 2017.
  • The market share of Tiguan sales is only 1%.

c) Marketing / Marketing Communications Assessment 

§ Advertising: They advertise Tiguan in their official social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for new offers and advertisements.

§ Sales promotion: Tiguan has sales promotion on the lease, finance, and cash. In lease and investment, they offer a $0 down payment with a 2.49% interest rate for 60 months. In money, they offer a $1000 cash discount. 

§ Public relation: Tiguan is extensively advertised in many car magazines in Canada, like Motortrend and Hard Wheels magazine. Plus, they held a press conference in Wolfsburg, Germany, to announce the launch of the 2018 model. 

§ Personal selling: Volkswagen adopts the personal selling tool to increase their sales and to attract new customers to their latest products, letting them know the benefits, features and offers of their latest models.  

VII. Image and Reputation 

Volkswagen’s four models of Tiguan four models are the best cost-efficient luxury SUV. 

§ Tiguan has high ranks in automotive websites. This high rank is based on Performance, interior design, value for money, and comfort. It scored, for example, 4.9% in website. 

Marketing Communications Plan

I. Target Market Profile

The demographic for our target market is mid-aged female and males around the age of 30-45. The household composition that our target market comes from is a family of two or more. The gender of our target market is both men and women, as there does not appear to be any gender diversity outside of those two in the advertisements. We have targeted a middle-class household income because the starting amount of a Tiguan is an affordable, mid-range sports utility vehicle that middle-class Canadian families can likely afford without having to make noticeable sacrifices to their current lifestyle. Middle-class household incomes in Canada range from approximately $62,000 to $88,000 as of 2013 (Brown, 2015). Adjusted for inflation, a middle-class household income in Canada ranges from roughly $67,000 to $95,000 in 2018. The target market includes all ethnic backgrounds, which Volkswagen Canada has communicated through casting racially diverse actors in their advertisements. The consumers in our target occupation are either supervisory staff, management, young professionals, and those in higher salary positions will generate the income necessary to afford this vehicle. It will likely appeal to white-collar workers instead of blue-collar workers, who may require the higher towing capacity and ride height available in a truck or larger sports utility vehicle. With this being said the education of our target market consists of white-collar workers, potential consumers would likely have completed

A college or a university program. 

The psychographic of our consumer that would be interesting in our product would consist of consumers who are licensed drivers who either drive out of necessity, for pleasure, or both. The target market is interested in receiving satisfactory value for their purchase. They’re interested in owning a vehicle with reasonable fuel economy and comparably higher horsepower than other cars in its segment. The target market values sleek, stylish products that offer potential buyers value in the form of luxury features for an affordable price. They hold safety in high regard and want to look fashionable in their vehicle. The lifestyle of consumers in the Tiguan’s target market is one that is active and adventurous as evidenced through Volkswagen depicting dog sliders and Beach-going consumers in their advertisements.

The geographic target market for the Canadian Tiguan is Canadians, both rural and urban, as Volkswagen Canada provides options for building a Tiguan to suit the consumer’s specific needs. An alternative that is particularly useful for Canadians in colder regions is Volkswagen’s 4MOTION all-wheel drive, which distributes power between both axles for added safety in inclement weather (2018 Tiguan, 2018). One recent advertisement for the Tiguan showed a consumer excitedly driving their Tiguan in what the viewer can infer is the cold, snowy winter of the Territories. This imagery is familiar with most Canadians and shows the viewer the Tiguan is capable of handling our harsh winters. This ad is also inclusive of a consumer that may not often be recognized – those in the Territories. The target consumer’s location may be suburban, or in small to large urban centers. As Canada’s population density is quite low when compared to other developed nations where the Tiguan is sold, the target location must be broad if Volkswagen desires to remain competitive in the Tiguan’s market segment, as consumers have many options when purchasing a sports utility vehicle. 

II. Positioning Strategy 

“Volkswagen Tiguan gives a versatile driving experience, arrive in style, and show up for any occasion. Arrive at any occasion and be the one to be noticed. It’s not just an SUV. It’s an SUVW”.

The current image of the Tiguan just shows that it is a standard SUV that can be purchased by anyone. The position statement that we have created is to try to draw our consumer target market and show them this vehicle can be used on a day to day base. Our market campaign is geared towards mid-age women and men around the age of 30-45 that have families. We want to show the product can be versatile and can meet any families need or want, as well as being known to be more stylish and practical SUV. The market objectives around the Tiguan have been re-designed to focus solely on how the SUV delivers what our target market is looking for in a package that stands out in a highly competitive category (Brunico Communications, 2018). We also want to market our product to show that the product has the quality and to have excellent service and delivery of the vehicle to your target market. 

Current Marketing Objectives and Performance:

  • is already known to be one of the biggest vehicle distributors. They want to produce fascinating vehicles and forward-looking, tailor-made mobility solutions that will continue to inspire their target market and meet their diverse needs with a portfolio of the reliable brand name. Volkswagen wants consumers to see the company as actively exercising their responsibilities concerning the environment, society, and safety, as well as show consumers that they have integrity, reliability, quality, and passion, form the basis for their work. Alongside these ideas, Volkswagen ideally wants to maintain a market share of 34% (Timothy Cain, 2018), and by remarketing their product to their new market segment, so they can keep growing their market share. While they have re-design their market campaign, there is keeping up with developing new products and adding innovative technology into their products to draw attention to their products. The other marketing objective for Volkswagen to increase its revenue is in their sales and have better customer service. With this, they want to increase customer satisfaction; this is listed as their number one top priority as a company. (Interactive Comparison, 2015) They have been putting an emphasis on customer and service provided, shaping the company to correspond with their customers. In the short run of all this, the company had overall marketing objects of awareness, variety of use, and promotional incentives. 
  1. Advertising Objectives
  • Volkswagen has already built a brand image for themselves; they are previously known as one of the largest automobile makers and distribution. But Volkswagen has started to re-design the campaign around the Tiguan; the newest Tiguan has advanced in leap and bounds. (Volkswagen, 2018) The product is marketed to be longer, roomier, techier, more stylish and more refined than ever. Tiguan is still known to be the most spirited, versatile, and downright lovable SUV in its class. This is the brand image that they have created for the Tiguan; the Performance of the Tiguan has also been re-design. Pure exhilaration makes the Tiguan as fun to drive as it is versatile (Volkswagen, 2018). With a powerful yet fuel-efficient turbocharged engine that runs on regular gas, along with uncompromising agility, handling, and control. This vehicle is brand to be the consumers’ everything you need to ramp up any adventure or any occasion (Volkswagen, 2018). With Volkswagen re-brand the Tiguan to be a versatile vehicle, it has changed the perspective of the consumer thought on the product. As a part of Volkswagen’s market objectives, they have also decided to do promotions, to promote the Tiguan and boost brand awareness. One of the promotions is “Join the family, $500 cash bonus when you switch to a Tiguan”. Another offer that they are promoting is a handful of lease optional and finance rates; these deals include low bi-weekly payments, and interest rates as zero percent for up to five years (Volkswagen, 2018). The Tiguan also differentiates itself but the innovative technology and the safety package it has (Volkswagen, 2018). Tiguan safety package includes a rock-solid lineup of advanced features like park distance control, adaptive cruise control, area view 360′ and lane assist, plus led headlighting with the adaptive front-light system. With the way the technology is advancing the Tiguan has profoundly new technology in it like app-connect; this allows the consumer to connect any of their smartphones to it. As well as it has voice commands allowing the consumer to the driver with little distraction. The vehicle, as so comes with a media touchscreen and a digital cockpit. All for these new feature draws consumer attention to the product. 

IV. Budget

Volkswagen’s budget for their marketing campaign is an estimate from the previous year of their spending. While Volkswagen is an already established brand, name meaning they already have some fixed cost for their media outlets. In 2017 Volkswagen fiscal spend figure can in at 13.1 billion euros. For the next fiscal year, they would estimate a percentage to allocate toward their marketing campaigns (Statista,2018) Volkswagen has decided to put forth billion of dollars to have a competitive campaign to survive in the market. Volkswagen is listed number 4th of the biggest spenders in advertising come in at a total of $6.6 billion in 2015 (Stephanie McGavin,2016). A large part of this money goes to research and development; this is because automobile makers are being changed to make faster, smarter, and more efficient vehicles (Henry Kallstrom, 2015). The company buys or rents media channels to advertise their product; this will be analyzed later in the budget summary. 

V. Creative Plan 

Volkswagen has had an increased sale of the Tiguan model because it has re-branded the product by improving brand image, product image, and awareness. This re-branding has created a position image for Volkswagen. They have done this by branding the product toward young professionals and those seeking a vehicle that complements their active lifestyle by offering versatile options. This is shown to be a lifestyle appeal create by Volkswagen so that it shows the consumer that this product is a need item in their life. Volkswagen has showcased the Tiguan in situations the target market finds relatable, and that suit their everyday need. They have communicated the appeal of new technology to the target market by building awareness and interest toward the re-design product. Their media platform has also attracted attention to it by its touches of the humor media channel. They have used a mix of informative television, digital, and print advertisements to reach potential consumers through several different forms of media, ensuring visibility.

  1. Media Plan 
  • Media Objectives 

Is to reach the mentioned targeted customers who are medium-size families of two or more members and middle class to provide the maximum impact in pursuit of generating sales and leveraging on the high Performance and durability image of Volkswagen at a cost-effective way. So, decisions about choosing the media plan should be prudent and reach as much as possible of the determined target market. The message will focus on luxury SUV car, suits medium-size family, fuel consumption efficiency, and offers a high level of safety at a convenient cost. The targeted location for the media plan should be highly focused on main cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and the suburbia of such towns.

As mentioned before, the sales trend goes high in the spring season, so are media plan will be concentrated starting from the end of January as the planning process, as mentioned before, takes two months. And will be decreased gradually in the winter season. 

b) Media Strategy 

To reach the above objective in a cost-efficient way, we would ensure selectivity on targeting potential customers. So, it is not a good option to go for mass advertising like TV ads or highly distributed newspapers. The message will be a blend of factual and massage focusing on features and benefits of owning Tiguan emotionally so that it attracts families who are usually looking for safety and affected by emotions. 

Tiguan media strategy will be a profile-matching strategy as this strategy is a cost-efficient one and highly selective to the potential customers mentioned above. For example, we will go for radio ads, the time of such advertisements will be concentrated from 7-9 AM and 4-7 PM when our potential customers are going to and from work because the profile of the target market is white-collar workers and highly engaged to radio as a medium in these times. Reach of Radio ads will be targeting 10% out of the 36 million households in Canada –National coverage-which is 3.6 million, the frequency of the ad will be 5-8 times per week per each family. So, the impression going to be 3.6*5=18 million impressions. 

 Also, for these reasons, Radio ads will be minimal on weekends. They will be profoundly shifted towards interactive communications like sponsored Facebook ads devised to the predetermined target market as well as promoting our Facebook page with a high caliber social media executive to promote Tiguan and to respond to potential customers’ inquiries. 

We will base a high proportion of our media plan on personal selling because of the profile of the target market who are middle class and white-collar workers because such customers are making a rational decision to balance cost benefits to make such purchase decisions. Highly trained representatives will be assigned to cover Volkswagen dealers, agents promoting Tiguan, and clarifying its features and benefits.

We will go for selected events to sponsor; the games will be of a high focus of the media strategy. The events will be pertinent to business events to supervisory usually attend and social events as well because of the decision to buy Tiguan often affected by spouse opinions. 

c) Media Execution

o  Type selection: Newspapers, Television, Interactive, Outdoor, Radio, and magazine

o  Class Selection: Men’s interest and social interest and music radio

o  Particular media selection: CBC music, TSN Radio, and CKOI and Rythme FM for Quebec, and some provincial stations like soft rock 97 7.   

VIII. Calendar for Advertising and Other IMC Activities 

Integrated marketing strategies are cost-effective for Volkswagen to implement into their marketing campaign. Timing for advertising is a great marketing tool to have around when trying to create successful marketing campaigns. They assist the company is launching the marketing goals by having a structured and thought-out manner so that nothing is forgotten about. The marketing calendar serves as a guideline for Volkswagens campaigns. It allows the company to keep track of the advertisements that they have to market without lapsing in their efforts (Laura Lake, 2018). With these calendars, helping the company to rest assured that their planning, budget, and staffing is taken care of (Laura Lake, 2018). The key for Volkswagen to have a successful calendar is being able to adapt to the economic trends that regularly change and have market strategies that can fit within these changes. Volkswagen needs to take the advertising calendar and break it down week by week by quarter (Laura Lake, 2018). They need to use the calendar to specify individual promotions or events that show the Tiguan and add in the cost of each event so they can allocate the right amount of funds for each event. 

IX. Budget Summary 

Volkswagen needs to allocate enough money to market their new products like the Tiguan. The business will take a percentage of its projected revenue. Volkswagen’s revenue is so high that they have to allocate 15-20 portion of it to put it toward their marketing campaigns (Caron Beesley, 2013). It is critical that Volkswagen knows how much to spend on marketing and even more critical on what type of marketing to spend it on. This is why the company has set out an advertising plan and has an advertisement calendar so that they can allocate money for these events. These plans will outline the costs of how Volkswagen is going to achieve its marketing goals within a specific time frame. As this budget has been set, the company needs to remember that it is not a fixed cost and needs to look at as a variable cost because there could be an unplanned campaign or event. When it comes down to the budget, Volkswagen has to keep analyzing their tactics and their seasonal effectors to see if one quarter was more profitable for them or if they can assist in lower.   


Advantages of Using Business Management Software

Starting and running your business is hard and has become tougher due to the constantly changing market conditions and fierce competition. In other words. What worked a year ago might now be inefficient and outdated.

What makes business owners overwhelmed is how to manage all the functions of the business from managing expenses to tracking work time of employees and at the same time, to stand out from the competition in terms of performance and profitability.

Many of these tasks are vulnerable for double entry and human error, making business management tools is mandatory for those who are looking to grow their business

Before we dive deeper into this, we need to know first what business management software is

By definition, business management software is an application or set of programs to support and improve the business the business process. Such software assists in eliminating errors, completing business tasks, reporting activities, and increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Things that business management software should help in are;

  • The preparation of estimates and quotes should be quick and accurate by using predefined or custom templates.
  • Scheduling the daily tasks and assigning them with materials to staff, also tracking the job done and what are still on the list
  • Developing a complete view of all customers’ details including the projects assigned for each of them
  • Creating and issuing purchase orders, plus the ability to assign them to projects
  • Professional and easy preparation of invoices by any employee
  • Using mobile app, field staff can view their task calendar, upload documents and images remotely , and log time against jobs completed
  • Accounting integration with popular accounting software like Sage or Quickbooks
  • Ability to manage and update materials; details
  • Finally, a real-time dashboard and easy to produce reports to allow business owners to assess profitability and to take corrective actions

Business Management solutions offer you more control on your business than ever before

Instead of using different software for different aspects of the company, and integrated business management software that have all applications in one place would make life easier and your business succesful


Whatever the company size is, they all need to use a business management tool to make better decisions in a timely manner. And to take make better decisions, you need to have the right information at the right time. The only way to achieve that is using a business management solution.

Marketing Plan for Real Estate Company

The condominium is one of the most significant projects of Fortlife real estate company, and Fortlife is willing to sell 50% of its units in the pre-sale period. The condominium located right on the river and offers 1 and 2-bedroom condominiums priced between $225,000 to $350,000. The building has underground heated parking, an assigned storage unit per condo, and an indoor pool and gym. It also offers an ice-skating rink for winter use by residents, which overlooks the river. We, Falcons company, are the marketing consulting agency that is targeting to win a contract to promote the launch of Calgary’s newest downtown condominiums.

Executive Summary

The condominium is one of the most significant projects of Fortlife real estate company, and Fortlife is willing to sell 50% of its units in the pre-sale period. The condominium located right on the river and offers 1 and 2-bedroom condominiums priced between $225,000 to $350,000. The building has underground heated parking, an assigned storage unit per condo, and an indoor pool and gym. It also offers an ice-skating rink for winter use by residents, which overlooks the river. We, Falcons company, are the marketing consulting agency that is targeting to win a contract to promote the launch of Calgary’s newest downtown condominiums. 


  • To sell 50% of the condominium units (104 condos) in the pre-sale period starting from Aug 1st and ends on Jan 31st.
  • The revenue objective of this marketing communication is $9,360,000.
  • To position Fortlife company as a convenient luxury brand. 

Situation Analysis

Market analysis (include future trends)

  • 12% (1.6 million households) of dwellers live in condominium either owners or renters, 72%   of them are owners, and the rest 28% are renters. 
  • The market for detached homes sales decreased in June by 12%, and that is of attached homes fell by 16%. 
  • The market for apartment-condos slightly decreased in June by 3%, which is significantly less affected in comparison to attached and detached homes. (Brennan Doherty, 2018)
  • Housing sales showed a significant growth year-to-date by 8% vs. 2017, and this growth is led by the growth of condos sales, which shows 36% YTD vs. 2017. (Bob Dugan, 2018)
  • The home prices in Calgary are expected to increase by 1.9% in the third quarter compared to the second quarter, 2018. 
  • Prices will continue to grow in 2018 but with a flow rate not exceeding a 10% increase. 
  • Condos demand shows steady performance in the short run. The downtown area is seemingly attractive to young professionals because of their lifestyle. Meanwhile, the need for smaller units is showing an upward trend. 
  • In respect of seasonal trend, may have the highest number of residential listing and of course have the most top sales during the year. December has the lowest quantity of residential listing and selling. 

Competitive analysis

The market is considered to be a competitor to attached houses market, and detached houses as dwellers buy only one of them to live in. So, all residential homes are considered competitors.

The supply of condos increased significantly in 2018 to 116.036 from 111,198 in 2017 and 108,016 in 2016.

The sales of luxury condos fell by 37% from 2017, whereas the sales of homes cost $1 million-plus increased by 11%, led by stable oil prices since then. (Natale Wong, 2018)

The supply of houses increased from 3,753 to 3,869 in June 2018 YTD, which accounts for a 3% growth of supply. The inventory also increased from 6,669 to 8,820 in June 2018 YTD These facts clarify that there is negative growth in house sales for the same period.

Apex home is one of the leading real estate development companies in Alberta and has 27-condominiums located in the Beltline downtown area, which is finally launched its project 

Only 4200 houses have been sold this year so far out of 9500 homes listed, making the sales-per-listing ration is only 44%.

SWOT analysis


  • The amenities of the condominium, like the underground heated parking, the assigned storage unit per condo, and the indoor pool and gym, are also very valuable to customers and not easily imitated by rival real estate developers, especially in the downtown area, which makes these advantages to be competitive. 
  • The condominium also has a very rare facility of indoor pool and gym. It also offers an ice-skating rink for winter use by residents.
  • The condos size – 1 or 2-bedrooms – and price options the company has, offers excellent flexibility to customers with diversified needs and financial budget to buy a new condo.
  • The flexibility of financing credit terms has been set in accordance with RBC bank, a TD bank that makes buyers have an easy application process and low-interest rate over a long time. 
  • The excellent reputation of the developer as it was established in 1993 with many sound projects in Alberta. Also, this long history makes the company have an economy of scale to get the best prices from suppliers and can make the sale price is highly competitive.
  • The long experience of engineers working in the project makes the quality of everything in the condominium is durable and luxury. 


  • High liability of the company towards suppliers and banks, which put the company under pressure to must sell 50% in the pre-sale period to cover the running expenses and to pay liabilities before due time to avoid charging a higher interest rate.
  • No availability of 3-bedroom condo for more prominent families. So, the target market will be limited to small families or bachelors. 


  • Soaring prices of houses shift customers’ preference towards condos because of their affordable prices in comparison to houses. 
  • The premium location of the condominium, which is located right on the river. This sustainable competitive advantage is highly meeting the scariness or rarity concept of resources evaluation. Also, this location provides easy access to Ctrain stations and bus stations in the downtown area. This location full of the vast majority of restaurants and bubs in Calgary, so the condominium can visit most of them at a convenient time, even without a car.
  • Alberta moves to license builders to protect home buyers from unscrupulous companies, which put the condominium in a good position against the many non-licensed contractors. 


  • The shift towards rental condos. 
  • The aggressive competition between real estate companies increased the inventory.
  • The unemployment rate raised to 6% in June 2018 for the first time since the 6.2% rate in October 2017. 
  • The Bank of Canada started to raise the interest rate in July.

Brand profile

the brand here is quite different from the traditional brands like clothes or FMCG products so that the brand will be the developer company itself rather than units.

  • Sales volume trend
  • The developer company has a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% in value from 2012 to 2017. 
  • Units Sold in 2017 were 182 condos, which accounts for 6% growth vs. 2016.
  • The total revenue of 2017 was $14,018,000, which accounts for 5% growth vs. 2016. 

Market share trend

  • In terms of condos units sold downtown, the company is a market leader in this regard, which accounts for 23% market share.
  • In Calgary, the market share was 9% of total condos sold in 2017. The full condos sold in 2017 was 2083 units.
  • The market share in the downtown increased significantly from 20% in 2016 to 23 in 2017.
  • After selling 50% of this new condominium, the market share forecasted to be 25%.

Marketing communication

  • The Fortlife company was outsourcing the marketing of its projects in 2017 and previous years too many local consulting marketing agencies, which depends on sales promotion by giving 5% discounts for buyers willing to buy two units and more.
  • The former consulting agencies also had their own Facebook page to promote the company’s projects; plus, it had its strategy of Facebook and YouTube sponsored ads.
  • Neither of the former marketing agencies had experience in experiential marketing nor public relation activities, their strategies less these tools were fair enough for small projects, that is why the developer company decided to look for another marketing agencies have experience in those aspects because this new project necessitates more efficient marketing efforts.

Target market profile

  • Age: 30-44. Which are 360,030 out of the 1,498,780 of the total population in Calgary? (Statistics Canada, 2017) 
  • Gender: males or female
  • Family size: small families with one or two children.
  • Income: $80,000+ annually
  • Occupation: professionals, entrepreneurs, executives who are working in the downtown.
  • Education: College or university graduate
  • Lifestyle: Adventurous people, love living within elite communities, dislike the separated quite home lifestyle, ice-skating amateurs, already renting an apartment, or a condo in Calgary. 

Marketing communication objectives

  • Develop the market of condominiums by changing the attitude of house seekers towards condos.
  • Increase the awareness of Fortlife real estate company’s current and coming projects.
  • Attracting the small to medium families to live in Fortlife downtown condominium.
  • Influence purchase intent by emphasizing on the superior benefits of the condominium and its unique location on the river. 

Marketing communication strategies

  • the marketing communication strategy will depend mainly on local radio channels as the primary media of the advertising strategy with a creative message having a lifestyle appeal and comparative appeal about houses. the second strategy will be experiential marketing by sponsoring family events like Calaway Park Family Fun Friday Night which will be held in July, 27th, Calgary Zoo Guardians of the Wild, and Stephen Ave Summer Stage
  • the vital strategy will be the public relation to ensures product publicity of Fortlife company and Tanta condominium. The objective of the public relation will be word-of-mouth to promote the current project and future company projects as well. We will pursue a borrowed-interest strategy by promoting one to two comedy plays or shows which appeal to young families in Calgary as these kinds of shows would have the same theme of the outgoing and happy lifestyle in Tanta condominium. In which, the public relation role will be facilitating an agreement with sound theatres in Calgary like Laugh Shop. Another purpose of public relations in this regard will be press releases having all the promoting data about the project to be distributed to concerned media in Calgary for publication or broadcasting. 
  • Selling also is an important strategy, Falcons company will pursue the personal selling strategy by conducting thorough training to professional salespersons about Tanta condominium and Fortlife real estate company including its futuristic projects and they will be deployed in events we sponsor like the comedy plays, family gatherings in public parks and the downtown hotspots. The salesperson role will be targeting families in these locations and promote the project with them and finally sign a contract after inviting them to view the project. There will be a 0.05% commission for each deal. 
  • The promotion will be performed by the professional sales team by giving 5% off to customers signing a contract promptly as a rebate, or if they buy two condos or more. The decision of such a discount will be taken per each salesperson’s discretion because if the contract is finalized in a short time, it will save the salesperson’s time to target another potential customer. To support the sales representative role, they will be provided by collateral materials including all the data they need in the promotion and price list and access to accompany any family wishing to visit the project
  • mail as a major form of Direct-response communication will be used to target the designated target audience. The targeting will be processed by data mining to analyze the information about the real estate potential customers and transforms these data to be a shortlist of customers with all relevant information about them in pursuit to send them direct mails promoting Tanta condominium and inviting them to attend the launch event and to visit the project. To successfully implement the data mining step, we will depend on external sources of data of people who have a good history of responding to mail offers. And these data will be provided by list brokers who are specialized in circulation lists by collecting such data and compiling those customers geographically, behaviorally, or demographically. Eventually, there are mandatory recommendations in this regard, like the envelope design, which should be attractive for customers to open it and read our marketing message. The envelope will be colorful and have a picture of the project portraying the happy lifestyle of the dwellers, and also, the slogan is written on it. The letter will be personalized as much as possible with the name and title of the recipient. Because of the outgoing and energetic lifestyle of our message, we will use leaflets with one page each, which have the key selling points with the project features and benefits, and all relevant information about the price, location, and sizes. 
  • and Interactive Communication Planning; the targeting in this tool will be performed demographically by people living in Calgary and nearby suburbs, and by daypart targeting in the evening and weekends after parents have finished work. As the internet has the behavioral targeting feature, we will exploit this feature by targeting people who searched real estate at least two times in the previous week. The objective of the online and interactive communication plan is creating brand awareness by advertising on web portals like Google, YouTube, and Facebook. The ads will be displayed in leaderboard style as this display stretches across the entire top of the webpage; it attracts the attention of many customers to visit the company official page. 

Advertising objectives

  • To achieve an awareness level of 50% of Tanta condominium specifically and Fortlife company generally against our main rival, Apex homes.
  • To portray the outgoing lifestyle of people living in condominiums and have easy access to the downtown governmental services, work, restaurants, and pubs.
  • Altering the consumer preferences to condos by deliberately comparing the energetic lifestyle in condominiums versus the tranquil life in houses.
  • To encourage trial purchase, which in this case the trial purchase is by offering viewing visits to both our target audience or anybody wants to see the condominium in pursuit of enhancing word of mouth and eventually improving the company image to attract potential customers for futuristic projects. And salesperson will accompany everyone visiting the project, demonstrating the condominium features and benefits.

Advertising strategies

  • Social media advertising, like Facebook, sponsored and YouTube ads, will be designed to target our target audience determined early.
  • Experiential marketing sponsorship of selected family events. 
  • Outdoors advertising displayed in the downtown area and near parks that attract families.
  • Direct mail response communication by personalized names to the designated target audience of our marketing objective to be delivered by Canada Post.

Creative plan

Positioning strategy statement objectives 

small to medium-size families who want more than just merely a residence, Tanta condominium is the most convenient and friendly choice. Unlike traditional houses and condominiums, the Tanta condominium provides an extraordinary lifestyle full of life and socialites at a cost-efficient price.

Creative objectives

  • Key benefit Statement: to position the Tanta condominium as a social lifestyle and enjoyable life experience inside and outside the condominium. Families and kids can socialize easily inside the condominium and have access to almost all the entertainments in the downtown area.
  • Support Claim Statements: 
    • The condominium has an amazing set of amenities like the underground heated parking, an assigned storage unit per condo, and an indoor pool and gym. It also offers an ice-skating rink for winter use by residents, which overlooks the river. 
  • The location itself in the downtown, makes their life better by saving time when going to work as most of the work in the downtown area, also the abundance of restaurants and pubs which suits almost all preferences of people living in Calgary. The location is near to different types and levels of schools and also in the center of all governmental services.

Creative strategy 

  • Central Theme: hence the central theme is the glue which binds various creative elements of thecampaigntogether, it will be easily transferred from a medium to another. the central them will portray the happy lifestyle of small to medium-size family and its socialization with other families in the condominium by the Bow Valley river and enjoy a sunny day.
  • Tone and Style: will be upbeat and cheerful Style by the bright colors of the clothes of the actors in the ads, their loud laughs and happiness, and the worm environment inside the condominium. Also, the ads will demonstrate the features and benefits of the ad, either in the tagline or storyline of video ads.
  • Appeal: As the creative mentioned earlier, focusing on connection and socialization within the dwellers in the condominium, the appeal will be a mix of lifestyle emotionally presented and comparative appeal. 

Families in the ad would be presented in a way they are enjoying the modern lifestyle in the condominium with its facilities by making BBQ at the swimming pool, whereas the kids are swimming and playing together in the background. At the end of the ad, a comparison appeal technique will be used to compare the social lifestyle of the condominium to the quiet lifestyle of the house owners, which fits more seniors and more prominent families.  

Creative execution

As the tone and the Style will be cheerful, and the appeal will depend mainly on the energetic lifestyle of families living in the Tanta condominium, we will pursue the Content Marketing strategy to demonstrate as much as possible of our message without the time and money constraints. The execution of the selected plan will be mostly presented in social media like Facebook and YouTube sponsored ads and on the company website as well as our website. The sponsored ads will be devised to target our selected target market in Calgary and will be extended tittle bit to kids as a source of the share of voice to affect their parents to take the decision of moving to Tanta condominium. 

Also, the print ads will have the same central theme of the video advertising of the cheerful and energetic lifestyle and socialization. 

Falcon’s advertising agency will also use the Testimonial technique of families of our targeted target audience telling their fantastic experience of living in the Tanta condominium; this technique will be started in November 2018 as people would be started to live in Tanta condominium and experienced the social lifestyle in Tanta condominium.  

  • We will use a slogan that represents our marketing and advertising strategy. The slogan will be “live better with your family.”

Media Plan

Media objectives 

  • Who: The target audience, as indicated above, will be small to medium-size families, middle class, and their annual earnings $80,000+, adventurous and outgoing lifestyle, and college and university graduates.
  • What: Because of budget limitations, we will not go for TV ads as it will be highly expensive with mass targeting, which is not our marketing strategy. The ads will have a lot of visuals portraying the outgoing and social lifestyles of the condos’ owners.

  • Social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram sponsored ads will be the primary medium in our media plan.
  • The developer company Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages will be a mandatory venue for our ads. 
  • Radio ads on local channels that interest our target market will be used per our media plan. 
  • Printed ads brochures to be distributed to potential customers in the downtown area or who are visiting the condominium. 
  • Where: We will mainly target potential customers already living in Calgary city and nearby. And because of the target market is people working in the downtown so the media plan of the printed ads brochures will target offices in the downtown. The sponsored ads of social media will be devised to targeting the people living in Calgary, and nearby fitting in our target market preselected criteria.
  • When: As the plan will cover a total of 6 months and will start Aug 1st, we will begin in August, 1st by social media sponsored ads and the official page ads of Falcon’s advertising agency and Fortlife real estate company. Radio ads will start by Oct 1st and will extend to the rest of our plan till Jan 31st. The radio ads will be in the early morning and after 4:00 pm when people are going to and from work.
  • How: The social media sponsored ads will be devised to target 50,000 people who might be a little bit higher than our target audience, but this will be done to promote the company as well for future projects. As the radio ads will be targeting a limited number of people, the people using cars to go to work and listening to local radio stations, the reach would be 30,000 reaches every month. 

Media strategies 

Target market profile

  • reach our clearly defined target market; the medium also should be studied thoroughly to support this objective. The profile-matching policy will be pursued to achieve our target market. In which, the media selected should be deliberately researched to match our target market. Hence our target market is families, middle-class and parents working in the downtown area, so they most probably reaching their work by car and most of the people going to and from work are turning the radio on. So, local radio channels which attract such people will be an excellent medium to present our ads. Also, the time of these ads will be from 6:00 to 9:00 am and from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on weekdays. 
  •  The social media sponsored ads will be devised in a way to support the targeting objectives. Screening to Facebook users will be pursued based on age, geographical location, and interests. People usually visit real estate companies will be on the top priority of our sponsored ads, mainly if they are located to be in the downtown every working day in working hours. 

 Print ad brochures will be distributed to near offices with a high number of employees in   breaks. They will be presented by our salesmen team to those potential customers discussing all the features and benefits of Tanta Condominium. 

Fortlife Website will be thoroughly redesigned to promote Tanta condominium, pictures of the condominium, and a brief about it will be displayed in the front page of the website, links to video ads will also be available in the front page. Also, links of social media pages of Fortlife company will be displayed at the bottom with recommendation to go through it to participate in these social media discussions and be updated to the initial party preparations. If they have any inquiry, a social media agent will be trained to respond to any comment and to reply to any question. 

Nature of the message

  • The emotional life of the appeal, which is blended with a comparative one, the video ads would be the right choice. Video ads are a vibrant medium as it can transfer emotional messages quickly.
  •  Also, the testimonial technique will be started in November, which makes the Facebook page a valuable medium to run any discussion, monitor the reactions of the target audience, and handle any objection which might occur.
  • Geographic market coverage 
  • coverage will be limited to Calgary city and nearby places in terms of radio ads and out-doors ads.

 Timing of the advertising 

  • schedule of the adverting, flight, will be blitz schedule. In which, we will start the advertising plan aggressively in all media types like Facebook and YouTube sponsored ads, print ads, and radio ads. The advertisings will be the highest in August and September in preparation for the launch event which will be held on Sep 1st. The ads will be decreased considerably to reach the minimum level in January 2019, the date of the advertising plan end. So, it is forecasted that the expenses for August and September will be the highest. 
  • The total unduplicated audience would be targeted by the advertising plan in all media is 50% of the target audience based on age range from 30-44 years old which will be 180,015 (50% of the total 360,030)‎. 
  • However, it is quite a highly challenging target, but it is still attainable due to the efficiency of social media efficient profiling and segmentation capabilities. 
  • Because of the decreasing pattern of our advertising timing through the advertising plan, the frequency will be decreasing as well. The frequency target per August and September target is two hits per week and decreasing gradually till January to reach one hit every two weeks. 

Impression: The weight of advertising in our planned media schedule for the first two months – Growth impression points – will be two hits/week multiplied by the reach of these two months, 2*180,015=360,030 impressions/week.

  • The slogan “live better with your family” will be communicated consistently throughout the six months planned flight.
  • People driving cars to and from work and turning on the radio is highly involved in such medium because there is nothing else to do, but driving and listening to that makes radio ads is highly prioritized over tv ads. Also, social media ads have an engagement feature highly if the ads fit the targeted person’s interests.

Media execution 

  • we have defined our target audience to be males and females, their age from 30 to 44 years old, and using cars to go work, the media selected is local radio channels in which they prefer to listen to rock, alternative, electronic and pop music. So, we will present our ads on radio channels like CJAY92 ROCKS, Calgary alternative, and Q107 channels as these channels format present the kind of music interests the predetermined our target-audience preferences. 
  • the advertising we will use billboards on highways heading to the downtown, and we will be using street-level posters near the offices in downtown with high traffic. Also, we will be using transit advertising like door cards and transit posters to target people heading to and from work without using a train or bus.
  • We are targeting families, so it is quite essential to have mall advertising in malls like Chinook center, which appeals to families, especially on weekends. 

The most significant portion ofthe budget will be directed towards Facebook ads, radio ads because of their high cost and our focus on those tools. They will start in August till October and will be discontinued in November and December and will be pursued again in January. 

Out-of-homes ads will start in September till October, and they will not take a significant portion of the advertising budget because these ads will be limited to only two places.

Mall advertising will be used only in October and December as a reminder message in two malls only and will the smallest sum of money.


  1. Flexible financing credit terms with RBC and TD banks.
  2. The condominium located on Bow River in Calgary
  3. The company was working since 1993.
  4. The weak economic position of the company
  5. CAGR) of 8% in value from 2012 to 2017. 
  6. Units Sold in 2017 was 182 condos
  7. The total revenue of 2017 was $14,018,000
  8. The market share in the downtown area is 23% in 2017 and 20% in 2016
  9. The market share in Calgary was 4% in 2017
  10. The condominium has a swimming pool and BBQ area close to it.